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About Bearfoot Kids


Hi I’m Claudia and mom of William 4 and Olivia 1, from Fremantle, Western Australia.

My babies first steps were very exciting for our family. My husband and I we were looking for the perfect solution for their little feet to protect them and keep them as barefoot as possible. We tried a lot styles which were not really satisfying for us. The idea was born to design a baby shoe for them which would give them comfort, protection and allow them a healthy foot development with soft soles and materials that wouldn’t harm their sweet little feet.

Since I moved to Australia in 2017 I didn’t go back to my old career as a High School Teacher. I wanted more – more time with my family and especially with my two beautiful little guys and more time for being creative and making the world a little bit better. Today, I’m so grateful that I can follow my passion and connect all of them – raising my babies and exploring and designing stylish shoes that not only serve to protect children feet, but also to make a positive impact on our environment.

Enjoy the little things!

With love,


Claudia Bearfoot Kids owner & creator