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Bearfoot kids shoes blue

Bearfoot Kids Shoes protect your Child safely throughout their world with Quality Soft Sole Shoes from Eco-Friendly materials.

That are totally adorable and good for tiny feet and our environment.


Bearfoot Kids is the best place to find Babies, Toddler and Kids Shoes. Our Shoes are stylish, that are handmade in Fremantle, Western Australia, vegan, sustainable, made from recycled materials, soft sole, flexible, very soft, the having a natural latex sole to give the shoes grip especially for the first walkers.

Our kids deserve the best world that we can provide for them.

In a world full of waste and chemicals especially in the textile industry it is important to take responsibility and take a step to a better world. Bearfoot kids believe in giving everything a second life, this is the reason why we choose to upcycle old fabrics and make them new again. This makes our items unique because only limited fabric ranges are available and they are constantly changing due to the upcycling process. Furthermore, we use natural latex for the soles to gives them good grip on slippery surfaces.

This is my small way of making the world (including the babies world) a better one – come and join.


Our lovingly designed shoes bear smart features and promote the principles of Eco-consciousness.

breathable non-synthetic materials

Breathable and non-synthetic materials

eco-conscious materials

Eco-conscious materials

circular economy fashion

Circular economy fashion



locally handmade

Locally handmade

organic cotton

Sustainably sourced organic cotton

comfy kids shoes


Walking barefoot is always best- especially for First Walkers and Toddlers. It can help them develop muscles and ligaments in the foot, and strengthen the foot’s arch. It also helps improve their awareness of their position in relation to the space around them, which is very beneficial for their motor development.

However, there are some situations where the foot needs some protection.

Choosing Kids Shoes wisely- best bet is shoes with a barefoot feel with protection. Bearfoot Kids shoes are developed for little feet they are:


  • Protecting little feet to help natural growing and developing of the foot
  • Breathable and non-synthetic, to avoid foot sweats which leads to rubbing, blisters und discomfort.
  • Giving more toe space and allowing toes spreading and creating a better foot stability.
  •  Eco-friendly. Otherwise choose reusing or recycling for a better impact on our environment.